Upgrade Options

Aerial View(s) - this was for The IET's at Savoy Place, London, UK

With our flagship vFloorplan product on your website, you can be sure that your venue or meeting space is being shown in its best light to drive more enquiries and secure valuable bookings. To make your customer’s experience even more immersive and engaging, we’re able to offer a range of cutting edge upgrades designed to deliver an experience far beyond what they would expect.

Room Layouts - included in latest vFloorplan version 4
as shown here for Horizon Convention Center, USA and QEII Centre, UK

Imagine your prospective customers being able to see for themselves how each of your rooms looks when laid out with different styles on a floorplan. Our ‘Room Layouts’ renders each of the rooms on your floorplan in each of its possible layouts, such as banquet/dinner style, theatre style, classroom or boardroom. Instead of a top-down static floorplan or having to picture what it would look like from a specification table, ‘Room Layouts’ quickly and easily demonstrates to your customer exactly how the room will look for their event. Simply provide us with your desired layouts or create new layouts for your venue and supply these to us and we’ll transform these into a more easy-to-understand format for your prospects.

vFloorplan Live 360 - showing how all your room layouts look in 3D

‘vFloorplan Live 360 allows your customers to see how your different room layouts would look at maximum capacity. This allows them to gain real feel for how the room could look for their event. We take high resolution 360 images or we create your rooms as CGI if they don’t yet exist and we make them look like your actual rooms from reference images you provide, to give the customer the most accurate, realistic experience ahead of the event. vFloorplan Live 360 gives you photo realistic CGI renders of your rooms and furniture (we can also create bespoke versions of your own furniture for an extra charge) to show off the different layout styles available as it would really look on the day. You can even offer multiple viewpoints so potential customers can see the room from different angles, as well as include all the furniture and fittings within the space. The room doesn’t even need to exist to start showing your prospect around.

Lift-The-Lid - a good CGI representation of your building
this is The Tower Hotel, by Tower Bridge, London, UK

It is so useful to be able to show how your building or venue looks and literally “lift the roof” off to look inside, floor by floor. With our ‘Lift-The-Lid’ upgrade option, as you interact with the model and capacity chart it automatically lifts the roof and each floor off for your building to show the floorplans inside. This option delivers everything a customer looking for a venue needs including an interactive searchable capacity chart, room layouts and cutaway floorplans.

Information Pop-Up - links to other content
this is The Tower Hotel, by Tower Bridge, London, UK

Perhaps your venue or meeting spaces have information you want to share that would be valuable to your potential customer. Our ‘Information Pop-Up’ feature adds a hotspot (image shows a blue i symbol and the image it has linked to on The Tower website) to anywhere on the vFloorplan, so you can re-use your existing media like images, videos and even 360 ‘virtual tours’ by linking them.

vFloorplan RFP - an Enquiry is inserted into an RFP or web form

The more you know about your leads, the more chance you have of converting them into customers. Deliver a more personalised range of options for your sales team to explore greater revenue opportunities. Using our ‘vFloorpla RFP’ upgrade you can allow user choices to be added to RFP forms. Include information such as Email address, Room Name, Number of People. Set-up/Room Layout Style, Venue Name, Your Sales Contact. (Note: may require existing or new RFP/Web-Form and modification at additional cost).

Layout Views - this is one of several made for Arsenal FC's website

Applied by us to any of your existing rooms with Room Layouts, we can provide a micro-site for each room. This HTML micro-site can be embedded into other web pages such as a dedicated room page and is developed from your existing vFloorplan in a ‘zoomed up’ style to demonstrate layouts to potential customer. Especially useful if your rooms are very small or at a difficult angle on the floorplan. Here’s an example of the many Layout Views we’ve rendered for Arsenal Football Club at Emirates Stadium. This view shows their Dial Square room and the interactive buttons enable the user to view each room layout instantly as well as where the power sockets are located. (Note: ‘Layout Views’ requires a vFloorplan with Room Layouts.)