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Why do venues use us?

We are the World Leader in Interactive Floorplans.

We help venues sell more meeting and event space, by simplifying their rooms and layouts. Customers can make searches on the floorplan and see possibilities. They can filter the search by all the layout/setup options, and with one click make an enquiry.

Many major venues in the UK and USA are clients including Horizon Convention Centre in USA and QEII Centre, one of the largest in London.

Many major venues in the UK and USA are clients. London’s largest dedicated venue QEII Centre. The National Conference Centre. IET’s Savoy Place. Stadiums include Arsenal Football Club and Murrayfield, home to Scottish Rugby.

Some premium hotels include The Tower by London’s iconic Tower Bridge. In the USA SMG/Century Center, the convention center where all US Presidential candidates made speeches.

Our technology helps venues gain a competitive advantage by engaging potential customers better through more immersive experiences that results in higher customer conversions.

No matter what the size, shape, orientation or location of the meeting space or venue, our technology is able to transform an often confusing or complex range of rooms, options and specifications into visually rich, enticing propositions for the customer that they can actually see and interact with simply and logically.

Our story

At our heart, we’re a technology company founded in 2000 with expertise coming from understanding client requirements and delivering computer generated (CGI) visualisations as images, videos, and always interactive, as well as VR and video experiences for new building projects and refurbishments.

In 2013 when researching the hospitality sector, we discovered there was an opportunity to apply our technology and experience to help venues and meeting places who were grappling with the problems of explaining their venues and converting prospects to customers. We’ve focused the transformative power of huge experience in creative CGI visualisations used in the building sector to revolutionise the hospitality sector.

It’s a sector that hasn’t changed a great deal in years. Many hotels and conference venues still use static floorplans and spreadsheet like capacity tables on their websites or in PDF format to send to potential customers who enquire. The model is geared towards driving potential customers to visit physically in order to experience the venue and see how it could be potentially laid out for their needs.

However, this approach has many drawbacks. For customers based too far geographically who are unable to visit the venue, there is uncertainty over choosing the venue. This proves a major obstacle for booking and instantly limits the size of the market for many venues.

It is also highly inefficient for both potential customers and sales/marketing staff. A significant amount of time is taken to show individuals around the space, many of whom are seeing it for the first time. A more detailed visualisation eliminates the possibility of unnecessarily using resources on individuals for whom the space will never be right as well as increasing the interest of those for whom the venue is right, before they’ve even set foot in the room.

How were changing the venue booking sector

Our technology has already helped simplify the customer enquiry process for the many hotels and venues we’ve partnered with. Very quickly – often within weeks of rolling out our interactive vFloorplans to their audience – venues experience an uplift in revenue generation from online qualified enquiries as a direct result of simplifying the customer journey and engaging with their audience better.

Growing market

With property prices at a premium and businesses looking to maximise revenue in any way possible, the market is being flooded with new meeting spaces and rooms available to hire. With this influx of new spaces on the market, there is a growing need to find technology which make the process of presenting the spaces and layouts clearly and getting qualified customer enquiries, simply and as straightforward as possible. Our technology solutions do both.

Multiple opportunities in a highly competitive market

The growth of the business has so far proved that using our technology delivers significant competitive advantages for venues in an increasingly crowded market. With more meeting space available than ever, existing venues are having to work harder to attract and maintain high occupancy rates, and engaging with their customers is one sure fire way to generate more business.

Fits specific needs of the hospitality sector

Our focus on hospitality gives us in-depth understanding of the sector’s everyday needs. We can help increase utilisation rates for meeting and event rooms and spaces, for hotels, sports stadiums and structures, conference venues, business centres, cruise ships, theatres, opera houses, large private spaces, educational campuses, colleges and universities, government and military, and shopping malls.

Proven to deliver value

Already the businesses we’ve partnered with to provide 3D interactive floorplans and visualisations have experienced growth in terms of enquiries, sales and profits – an excellent return on their investment, and are returning for upgrades and enhancements. Our technology is changing how customers interact and engage with venues to drive higher utilisation rates and help venues operate at high capacity. Read about our success stories here.

Working with booking agents

The sector is also highly reliant on booking agents to do the manual work of locating and visiting venues. Blue chip brands use agents to find the perfect venue. Our technology helps booking agents perform their work more efficiently on behalf of their clients, giving venues who are using our solutions a distinct advantage. In a few clicks the agent can see which rooms will work and that can include breakout and reception spaces, and in another click they can make an enquiry directly with the venue.

We also have Sponsorship Opportunities available for Booking Agents – please get in touch if you are interested – call 44 (0)1908 889294

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