New product: vFloorplan|360

Refurbishing or building a new venue doesn’t have to stop you from showing off your meeting and events spaces to clients.

Usually, it would be very difficult to market and sell space in a building that’s not even ready.  Imagine how useful it would be to create visually stunning and realistic renders that show how your spaces will look so that your sales team can start booking out space.

At one of our client’s venues, The IET London’s Savoy Place, the building wasn’t ready for occupation  without actual photos, we were able to develop renders and a video that the client then used to market the building and help their design team stay on message too.


Our virtual CGI renders are so realistic, clients often challenge whether they are photographs!

Why use vFloorplan|360?

  • A 360° view is usually only possible with a photo, but this is without the rooms needing to exist
  • 3D room replicas of all your existing rooms showing your different layout styles and furniture
  • Use on your website with all your different room layout options – from one image!

We can also add multiple viewpoints so you can see the room from different positions. Include all your layout styles in 3D, click a button to look around the same room for styles like cabaret, classroom, reception.

Here’s an example of The Tower Hotel Tower Suite with layouts:

The Tower Hotel - Tower Suite - Theatre set-up

The Tower Hotel – Tower Suite – Theatre set-up

cabaretslideThe Tower Hotel – Tower Suite – Cabaret set-up